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Avian Birdfood Products has grown to be one of the finest manufacturers of quality nutritional food products and nutritional supplements for birds.

We take great pride in our service and the reputation that we have earned over the years.
At Avian, we are committed to providing you and your birds with the most advanced products and service available today.

We encourage all of your opinions and ideas as we continue to work with you in today’s growing field of health and nutrition for your birds.

We are very happy to introduce Kiezebrink International. as our official distributor in the UK.
Kiezebrink International is an international operating wholesaler of animalfood and is officially acknowledged as an intermediair company of category 2 and 3 products (HACCP).
Hanno Kiezebrink directs the company from Putten in the Netherlands.

The name Kiezebrink has already been a household name for generations in poultry farming. In the early nineties the company was founded by Hanno Kiezebrink. Initially the company focused on falconers and zoos with mainly frozen day old chickens. After the Avian influenza in 2003, Mr. Kiezebrink decided to expand the range of products to be able to offer a wider range. In 2004 the range of products was expanded with frozen rodents, such as rats and mice. At the end of 2006 high-quality animal diets and supplements for a wider range of animals were included. To provide our customers and potential customers with professional advice, Michiel Derks was employed as nutritionist.

Law and regulation in the domain of food safety, tracability and animal welfare are of major importance in the management of the company

Our mission is to supply high-quality, reliable animal feed. This obviously goes together with good advice and good service.

Our new slogan is: FOCUS ON FOOD.


Sarah Patrick, Kiezebrink U.K. Ltd.

Kiezebrink International consists of:


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