Avian Vitamins and Minerals

molecuul02_258Food supplements, along with extra vitamins and minerals are often necessary to improve the diet of our aviary- or breeding birds, keeping them healthy and in tip-top condition. Within our extensive range of Avian supplements you will find the required vitamin supplement your birds require.

Nutritional professionals as Zookeepers and Avian birdkeepers need credible information to make thoughtful decisions about giving their animals and birds a healthful diet and using vitamin and mineral supplements. To help guide those decisions, registered nutritionists at Avian Birdfood Products at Texel developed a series of products for this group of animals and birds. The information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice.

Just like us, exotic birds need numerous vitamins and minerals for life. The key to your birds health is a good and balanced diet. If the daily diet doesn't provide enough minerals and vitamins birds can become ill. A vitamin deficiency can lead to different mild health problems or even severe illnesses. Sometimes you may need to give them vitamins or minerals when they are sick, after an antibiotic treatment, if they are in stress or when young birds are growing.

Healthy birds starts with common sense!