Tovo Universal Food (low iron)

Low iron Tovo Universal Food is a complete food composed of selected raw materials, which make the iron part effectively under 65 ppm. Moreover the food is strongly enriched with amino acids in compliance with the need of the birds. Low iron universal food is very important especially for fruit eating birds such as Toucans, Leafbirds, Touraco’s, Barbets, Hornbills, etc. National and international investigations by well-known bird veterinary surgeons have proved this fact. Our company has contributed in such a investigation already in 1992.

 Yearly thousand of birds are dying of iron staple disease and diseases due of the weakness of the iron stapling notwithstanding good treatment. The most important reason is food with too high contents of iron: 100 ppm. and more. Sometimes even 400 to 500 ppm. Pellet and extruded food contains mostly too much iron. It has appeared that the mixing and pressing process adds much iron. Therefore it is very difficult to produce food with an iron contents below 100 ppm.

Advice: Have your food investigated for iron contents! Your valuable bird collection makes this fully worthwhile. The health Service for Animals in Deventer (The Netherlands) will investigate these samples for a fee.

Analysis: Tovo Universal Food:

Raw proteins   21,5%   Raw fat     10,0%  
Raw cellulose     2,5%   Raw ashes    5,8%  
Calcium    1,1%   Phosphorus    0,5%  
Moisture   11,0%    
Adjusted vitamins per kg
Vitamin A   20.000 IE   Vitamin B1    2 mg  
Vitamin B2   10 mg   Vitamin B3   15 mg  
Vitamin B6    2 mg   Vitamin B12   0.02 mg  
Vitamin C   1000 mg   Vitamin D   32.000 IE  
Vitamin E   20 mg   Vitamin K3    3 mg  

Available in 1 kg. 2,5kg and 5 kg. bags.

TOVO Universeel is een products van DKSH Netherlands bv. (Nl05109).