Ultimate Balance Fruit paté

mannakin30_258Ultimate Balance Fruit patee is an additional food for tropical and native birds. It is a complete diet for small fruit- and insect-eating birds. This patee is moistened with 100 % pure and natural acacia honey for a better assimilation and a high nutritional value.
Ultimate Balance Fruit patee has a low iron percentage: < 100 ppm. It is the result of rigorous research to provide a good complete food for fructivores birds. It contains 5% fruit for natural energy and vitamins. The fruit particles has been added in a granular form. Our smaller fructivore birds as honeycreepers, tanagers, chlorophonias, euphonias, cotingas, manakins, sunbirds, pitpits, but also our exotic finches and waxbills prefer this patee.

Very often our birds you will see that the birds throw out parts of dried fruit within the patee or you will see that the birds throw it into the drinkwater to soak it.
Ultimate Balance Fruit patee added fruits as figs, palmfruits, cactusfruit, apple, papaya, , mango, fruit of the forest, apricot and pommegranates in a granular form. Grapes are added as small raisins. This to avoid that the birds will throw out lumps of fruit.

New studies confirm the critical importance of fig trees to the rainforest ecosystem. Examining diet composition and fruit availability for 23 frugivorous bird species (pigeons, parrots, hornbills and passerines) in two lowland rain forests in Z.E Asia they found that figs (Ficus species) comprised 57% of all fruit-eating records. Certain fruit species are particularly important because they dominate the diets of bird species. Possibly the most important keystone fruits to birds of tropical forests are figs and palm fruits. Reports says that fruit-eating birds are particularly vulnerable to continued habitat loss and fragmentation and that better understanding of their diet composition could improve the general health of captive fructivores birds.

Directions for use:
As an additional food Ultimate Balance Fruit patee is ideal to supply with fresh fruits as figs, palmfruits, cactusfruit, apple, papaya, mango, fruit of the forest, apricot and pommegranates.Additional supplementation of Sunbird~Nectar is recommended twice a week. With Sunbirds and honeycreepers supply Sunbird~Nectar daily.