Ultimate Balance Exoten Mix.

pimpelmees_258Avian Birdfood Products believe that certain diseases in birds could be managed through carefully formulated nutrition, and we tested this belief by formulating a special softfood diet for Tropical and Exotique birds such as, warblers, babblers, wrens, finches, chats, buntings, wydahs, tits or bulbuls. We believe our birds will live longer by developing Ultimate Balance Softfoods for healthy birds. Avian remains focused today on providing nutrition to exotic birds, whether in Zoo exhibits or avaries at our home. The same passion for all birds in our bird community, the same exacting attention to high-quality nutrition – all with the intent to strengthen and lengthen the lives of our birds. Through vision and innovation, Avian Birdfood Products expanded the original Ultimate Balance products to include Ultimate Balance Exotique mix for this group of birds. Avian’s commitment to quality shows up in every Ultimate Balance Softfoof formulation, that is why Avian has become the brand bird owners have come to trust. Avian made a promise to research and formulate diets that meet the exact nutrition needs of special birds. Nutritionists at Avian understand a their nutrition needs, and they understand the needs of bird owners.

Our exotic birds are mostly seedeaters. Seeds are widly available in different qualities, but it's best to buy a good quality mix from a store specializing in bird feeding.

Softfood is an important addition and important as protein source for the tropical and exotic birds as warblers, babblers, wrens, finches, chats, buntings, wydahs, tits or bulbuls. Birds will depend on the food you supply.

Within our Ultimate Balance softfood range, Avian specially designed an Exotique mixture for this group of birds. It consists of Ultimate Balance delikat insect patee, Ultimate Balance Premium Eggfood, Ultimate Balance Eggfood Yellow with Honey and Ultimate Balance Fruit patee. It has a nice fine structure with natural minerals, proteins, vitamins, amino acids with extra added l-Lysine and l-Methionine for excellent feather growed.
More important, you'll be providing much needed nourishment during the breeding season.

Added per 1000gr.:
Vitamin A 30.000IE Vitamin D3 2000 IE
Vitamin E 16mg Vitamin B1 10mg
Vitamin B2 10mg Vitamin B6 5mg
PP factor 20mg Vitamin B12 0,02mg
Copper 25mg Cobalt 0,4mg
Iron 55mg Jod 3mg
Magnesium 60mg Zinc 30mg

Soya 7%, graanproducten 40%, plantaardige bij-producten, johannesbrood, biergist, vitaminen- en mineralencomplex, 7% gedroogd en gemalen fruit (rozijnen, appel, papaya), tartrazine B102, suikers, olien en vetten.

Gehalte Ultimate Balance Exoten~Mix:
ruw eiwit 14 % ruw vet 18%
vocht 12% ruwe celstof 5%.