Ultimate Balance Premium Eggfood

crackedeggs_258Diets containing only seeds do not maintain healthy birds. Dry seeds do not have the necessary protein and essential vitamins and mineral levels required to successfully breed and raise healthy young birds. In nature, insects provide the additional protein requirement during the breeding season but initially breeders replaced the insects with an balanced egg food during the breeding season. Avian Premium Egg food is made by crumbling a high protein egg enriched baked cake. Because of the high egg content, the egg-food is high in protein and amino acids necessary for healthy birds in breeding condition. It specifically meets the food requirements of the small Australian and African tropical finches. In the wild, the tropical finches generally take up less eggfood during the resting period. Therefore, it is wise to feed tropical finches eggfood in the resting period as well.When birds are molting, breeding or raising young, they have higher nutritional and protein requirements than when they are resting. The egg food mixes are also an excellent medium for administering seasonal supplements, vitamins & minerals and or medication.

Avian Premium Egg food does not contain lots of sugar, soya, preservatives and/or artificial fillers such as starch and artificial colorings or dyes.

Ultimate Balance Premium Eggfood contains:
ruw eiwit 14% ruw vet 10%
ruwe as 3% ruw celstof 6%

toegevoegd per kilo:

Vitamine A15.000 IEVitamine D33.000 IEVitamine E20mgVitamine B13mgVitamine B210mgVitamine B810mgVitamine B12 0,02mgKoper (kopersulfaat) 5mgKobalt0,5mgIJzer30mgMagnesium70mgZink80mg