Ultimate Balance Delikat Insectivores Diet

vliegenvangergrs34_258DELIKAT Insectivores Diet is a complete diet for all insect-eating birds.
It is a scientifically compounded diet.
DELIKAT Insectivores Diet contains all the ingredients necessary for optimal condition in young and parent birds. It is extremely rich in insects, such as dried buffalo worms, ant eggs, Mexican larvae and cray fish. It is a highly palatable feed for your insectivorous birds, designed to be the base diet for insect eating birds.

Suitable for Pekin Robins, Mynas, jays, softbills, African finches and other insect eating birds. It is also an additional food for tropical and native birds as our finches, parakeets, parrots, fig parrots and lories.

Our insectivores birds get much of their energy from dietary protein by producing glucose from the metabolism of amino acids. They have a diet consisting of a universal food including insects. Delikat insect pate provides a healthy alternative for bird owners who choose to prepare their own bird food or those who give regular treats to their birds.

DELIKAT Insectivores Diet is a concentrated form of energy, coupled with vitamin B complex and the oil based breeding vitamins A, D, E and K. Vitamin B12 - cobalamin- is added to the mix for greater energy efficiency, giving remarkable results. Can be used as a weaning food to transition to a formulated diet.

DELIKAT Insectivores Diet stimulates fitness and health in the young birds

This product contains high levels of the essential amino acids (protein) needed for the muscle development of the fledglings in the aviary. The result is vigorous flight that soon produces the heightened health seen with top fitness.
It’s a simple but highly effective feeding system!

Many seed eating birds such as finches and parrots compensate for low or poor quality protein intake by supplementing their diets with insects. DELIKAT Insectivores Diet is a perfect combination with the administered seed diet given to this birds.

DELIKAT Insectivores Diet produces feathers with a beautiful sheen and rich colour

The amino acid balance and the essential fatty acids in DELIKAT Insectivores Diet are responsible for the beautiful colours and silky feathers. It is a complete food for rearing young insectivorous or carnivorous birds. It is also used as an excellent breeding supplement for adult birds.

Directions for use:
- Throughout the year, provide without restriction.
- Refresh daily.
- Supplement with live food for best results.


Ultimate Balance Delikat insectenpaté:


              Crude protein 18 %       Crude Fat                   17%
              Crude ash                         7% Crude fibre 10%

          added per kilo:

Vitamin A 24.000 IE   Vitamin D3 1600 IE
Vitamin E 16 mg Vitamin B1 8 mg
Vitamin B2 8mg Vitamin B6 64mg
Vitamin B12 0,02mg Copper 20 mg
Cobalt 0,32mg Iron 44 mg
Magnesium 46mg     Zinc 24 mg

Packing size: 1000g bag, 2500g bag and 5000g bag.

Avian - Ultimate Balance Delikat Insectivorous Diet.