Avian Ultimate Balance softfood

scharrelaar_258Avian Birdfood Products specially designed several types of softfood for our different types of birds. Our Ultimate Balance Softfood line comprises of:

  • Delikat~insektpaté
  • Fruitpaté
  • Exoten~mix
  • Eggfood Premium
  • Eggfood yellow with honey
  • Eggfood Red with honey and Canthax
  • TOVO universally low in iron

A good balanced feeding is of great importance for healthy birds.

Avian Birdfood Products made a specific softfood line for each specific type. Every different species will need specific food. The insectivour do have another feeding pattern as the fructivorous birds. Certainly the nectivorous birds demand a special feeding.
For each type we made a specific fodder.

Insect-eating birds are very common in our avairies. Some species such as nightingales, tits, wagtails, larks, niltavas, robins, leafbirds, spider-eaters, pittas, thrushes,
These birds mainly feed on insects and their need for insects is certainly very great when raising young. We can supply these by means of live food such as mealworms, buffalo's, morio's, waxmoth larvea or fruitflies. However, a special softfood as a basic feed is essential, Ultimate Balance Delikat Insectpaté is such a food. Our Delikat Insectpaté has been composed from selected raw materials, as a result of which the standard of iron quality must lie effectively under 100ppm.

Fruit-eating birds, the fructivorous mainly feed on fruit and vegetables. It is very important for fruit-eating birds to receive a diet that is low in iron. We made our Fruit-paté specially for these species. Many of these types do not only feed on fruits, but will also consume a healthy portion of insects during the breeding season. An balanced pellet with a low iron content, complemented with pieces of fresh fruit is the ideal diet. We advise Nutrazu ZuLiFe insectivorous Diet to be added. For the toucans, turacos, mynah, hornbills, fruit pigeons, it is very important to receive a diet that is low in iron. TOVO Universal is specially designed for this group. TOVO is guaranteed << 65ppm. iron contents. (TOVO Universeel is een products van DKSH Netherlands bv. (Nl05109).

Exoten-Mix - For our largest group, tropical finches as zebra finch, Gouldian finch, cordon bleus, fire finches, orange-cheeked waxbills, Bengalese and Java sparrows, weavers, whydahs, cardinals but also our European finches as the siskins, numerous other finches, redpoll, South-American siskins, like the red siskin, the black siskin and hooded siskin. To keep these birds in good condition, they must have an premium softfood. Specially for this group we made our Exoten-Mix. As in the name given, this is a special mix of our Delikat Insectpaté, our Fruitpaté, our Eggfood Premium plus our Eggfood yellow with honey.

In the Eggfoods we have three types:
Eggfood premium - Avian Premium Egg food is made by crumbling a high protein egg enriched baked cake. Because of the high egg content, the egg-food is high in protein and amino acids necessary for healthy birds in breeding condition. It specifically meets the food requirements of the small Australian and African tropical finches.
Eggfood Yellow with Honey is a highly nutritional eggfood and is ideal for those birds who do not take up general eggfood such as gouldian finches, swifts, tanagers, sunbirds, honeycreepers and some lori's. It is suitable for breeding, ill or stressed birds, feeding young chicks and used as a supplement during molts.
Eggfood Red with Honey is an eggfood that includes carophyl/R, carotene and canthaxantin and is responsible for the red colour of your red factor canaries plumage without damaging their liver.