lime_leaves_258What are Nutraceuticals?

Nutraceuticals are foodstuffs which provide health benefits in addition to their basic nutritional value. These may include fortified foods as well as dietary supplements that can be sold in capsules, tablets or powders. The idea behind the use of nutraceuticals is that certain organic extracts can have positive benefits. Claims of nutraceuticals' effectiveness in combating or altogether curing a long list of ailments are abundant.

The term "nutraceuticals" is a combination of the words nutrition and pharmaceutical. The issues that linger on the minds of many who consider using nutraceuticals to combat illnesses are frequently safety related. The idea of using nature’s best to cure problems sounds promising. After all, why should one involve synthetic chemicals—ones with long-term effects that are uncertain—in fixing that which is not synthetic? Then again, natural is not synonymous with safe. Plenty of naturally derived items have a negative impact on the mind and body, and experimenting with the unknown, or little-known, can be risky.

Avian Birdfood Products is a supplier of innovative and speciality nutraceutical ingredients, including support-, health-, nutritional- and specialty items. We take an uncompromising approach to provide the highest efficacy and safety in our products by offering science-based ingredients that are verified analytically. We are dedicated to serving our customers with integrity by providing superior products and services.

- Nutraceuticals are no medicines, medicines are no Nutraceuticals -