Avian Ultimate Balance handweaning

sperrend_jong_single_258Avian Ultimate Balance handweaning is specifically formulated and manufactured to absorb 5 times it weight in water so that it can be fed to young chicks still on the syringe. This teaches early eating skills and decreases dependence. It also helps socialize young birds to a life in captivity with their human caregivers. Just as important, our Avian Ultimate Balance handweaning can be fed to birds of all ages and become a part of their diet for the remainder of their life. It is easy, safe, and fun to feed to the birds because of the closeness it develops between them and you. It is now a "must have" food in most birdhouses.

Avian Ultimate Balance Handfeeding is developed and manufactured to meet the stringent digestibility and sterility requirements of baby birds. Many ask us why our handfeeding formula is slow to mix. This is because it contains proper levels of fiber to develop the young digestive systems and fragile organs that are just beginning to enterococcus, pediococcus, lactobacillus, bifidobacterium and the prebioticum FOS, fructooligosacchariden.Ultimate Balance Handweaning Powder contains an adding of 1% spirulina platensis en BioMin a 5 strain probioticum of enterococcus, pediococcus, lactobacillus, bifidobacterium and the prebioticum FOS, fructooligosacchariden.

Contents: Whole grain yellow corn, soybean meal, corn gluten meal, corn hominy feed, sucrose, sugar beet pulp, dehydrated alfalfa, soybean oil, zinc sulfate, flaxseed oil, dicalcium phosphate, niacin supplement, apple fiber, manganese sulfate, ferrous sulfate, calcium carbonate, calcium pantothenate, sodium chloride, l-lysine, copper sulfate, riboflavin supplement, thiamin mononitrate, cobalt oxide, folic acid, menadione nicotinamide bisulfite, l-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate (source of vitamin C), pyridoxine hydrochloride, choline chloride, propionic acid, ethylenediamine dihydriodide, d-biotin, sodium selenite, vitamin B-12 supplement, vitamin A supplement, vitamin D-3 supplement, vitamin E supplement, 1% spirulina platensis and Avian BioMin a 5 strain probioticum of: enterococcus, pediococcus, lactobacillus, bifidobacterium and the prebioticum FOS, fructooligosacchariden.

Feeding directions: Premix for raising young chicks

Mixing percentage: 33,3% Ultimate Balance handweaning with 66,7% pure water.

CAUTION: Do not add supplements. This practice will upset the delicate balance of nutrients already present and potentially cause contamination.

ALWAYS USE A THERMOMETER. Young birds have keen temperature sensitivities. If too cold, food will not be readily accepted; if too hot, usually over 48C - 120F, it may burn soft crop tissues.


Please store in a cool and dry location.
Keep covered when not in use.
Refrigeration is not required.