Rusk rearing grain

kanarierood_258 Avian Rusk is a special wheat product made from pure wheat flour, a protein-rich commodity. Rusk as we know and use is a ground cereal product. The bird lovers use it as a filler or binder. It is known for its excellent water absorption. Rusk has the ability to retain approximately 8 to 10 times its own weight in water.

Rusk is soaked before use with 1 part Rusk in 5 parts of water.

To obtain a homogeneous fine course mix 1 tablespoon Sti-Mu-Lance honey to the Rusk blending. Mix approx. 10% of the Rusk through your Egg food.

If you use a coulourant as canthaxantine or carophyll Red, your coulourant could be best be solved first in the water, than mix it through your Rusk before mixing in your softfood.

Energy value                Kj-1539
Protein 9.5%
Carbohydrates 78.2%
Crude fiber 3.0%
Fat 1.3%
Sodium 1%
Moisture 5%