Tagetes Yellow

meniepop36_258Avian Tagetes Yellow contains Lutein from Tagetes erecta is a purified extract obtained from marigold oleoresin, which is extracted from the petals of marigold flowers with organic solvents. The final product, after saponification, contains, as a major component, lutein and a smaller proportion of zeaxanthin. Lutein is a member of a group of pigments known as xanthophylls and has no provitamin A activity.It is widely used as a food- and nutrient coloring supplement (food additive) in a wide range of goods, such as pigmentation of egg yolk in the poultry production .

In the Avian world we know Tagetes as a natural colouring supplement for our yellow birds such as the yellow wagtail, bee-eaters, yellow warblers, orioles, grosbeaks, yellow hammer the female minivet, yellow bunting, but also to intensify the yellow at Zosterops. Tagetes does not only affect the yellow colouring but it also intensifies the colors as braun, green or blue.

Avian Tagetes Yellow




Tagetes erecta, (Marigold)

Description and color:


Powder form, yellow to orange color.



xantophylles 20g/kg (yellow coloring)

Caretenoide profile:


luteine en zeaxanthine

Avian Tagetes Yellow give no liver problems in contrast to an overdose of canthaxantine.

Lutein prepared in this manner contains more than 80% total carotenoids of which lutein is present at 70 78%. Zeaxanthin (2 9%) and other carotenoids are also present.
Waxes (14%) and fatty acids (1%), present in the unprocessed oleoresin, make up the balance of the material.