Avian Red~Intensiv

crimson49_258Avian Red~Intensiv is a food dye, colorant for Birds!

Red~Intensiv is a Canthaxantine 10% with added pro Vitamin A, -Carotene. To promote coloring in red canaries Red~Intensiv relates to a process for the preparation of a powdered, water-dispersible carotenoid preparation in the form of canthaxantine and carotenoid microparticles.

The carotenoids which are insoluble in water are sensitive to oxidation, and it is well-known to encapsulate carotenoid particles in various matrix materials which have been selected in such a manner that the matrix material is dissolved and releases the carotenoid particles when the encapsulated particles are stirred into a suitable medium at a suitable temperature, for example drinkingwater or egg food.

Many breeders use Avian Red~Intensiv mixed with -Carotene. The combination of the two products will promote intense red color throughout all the birds plumage. The cantaxantine is very effective at coloring the contour feathers. Red~Intensiv does not contain additional vitamins or minerals. It is easy to dosage and Red~Intensiv is well packed in tubs.
Red~Intensiv can be mixed into eggfood/nestling food recipes or in the drinking water. Many breeders use Avian Red~Intensiv mixed with beta carotene for an excellent, uniform red colour. To be given to deepen red canaries and other red factor birds. The combination of the two products will promote intense red color throughout all the birds plumage. The canthaxantine and the beta carotene are very effective at colouring the feathers, it assures an excellent uniform red color and Avian Red~Intensiv is good water-soluble.

Feeding instructions:
To make a Red~Intensiv solution, dissolve 1 measure spoon 5 gramme into 1000 mls. of warm water (approx 45C.). The liquid solution replaces the birds drinking water and should be refreshed daily. For soft food, mix 6 measure spoons of the made solution into 500 gramme of egg food. The egg food should get a pale pink color. Since all birds have different food absorption rates, you should not see any red colouring in the droppings. If this is the case, you should reduce the concentration of the solution Red~Intensiv. The working solution should be stored away from sunlight in the refrigerator.

Note: A canthaxantine food dye is potentially liver toxic to birds and must always be used in accordance with dosage calculated by experienced nutritionists.

Contents of Avian Red Intensiv p/kg:

Canthaxanthine 15750,00 mg/kg
Carotenoide 150,00 mg/kg


A range of Carophyll* colouring agents which aid plumage pigmentation in birds, particularly canaries, via canthaxanthin. The most effective time to introduce Carophyll* is during the moult when blood-flow to the feathers is at its greatest.In the UK it is normal for Coloured Canary breeders to wait until the first moult before colour feeding which results in many unflighted types showing very contrasting flight feathers. In Europe, breeders prefer to colour-feed small quantities throughout the year claiming that a more intense plumage colour is achieved. The exact amounts of Carophyll* required are based on trial and error or the experience of the breeder but, in any case, guidelines are always sent out with the product! * Registered trademark of Roche Products Limited