Carni ~ Plus carnivore mix.

Health begins with a raptor's nutrition. The best diet for any raptor is a balanced one, based primarily on what the bird would encounter in the wild. Variety is a good thing, especially in diet, and adding in day chicks, mice, rat, rabbit, quail, beef heart, chicken necks, pigeon or duck will help her get the variety of nutrients she needs and from a variety of sources. Health and endurance is the desire of all falconers and raptor enthusiasts.

Supplements must be used with care as they can do more harm than good if they are used incorrectly. These additives and food sources allows the body to extract what it needs that it is not getting in the daily diet.
Carni ~ Plus is a balanced vitamin supplement aimed at improving nutritional quality. Carni~Plus has a proven track record and is used by zoos, falconers and breeding facilities.

By adding Carni ~ Plus to the meat , prey or food animals such as mealworms , buffalo , wax moths and crickets your raptors will get the essential necessary amount of vitamins , minerals and trace elements. Carni~Plus contains taurine , carnitine and a balanced Ca : P (calcium - phosphorus ) ratio. A diet that is not balanced with the proper amount of Calcium, Phosphorous, and Vitamin D will lead to weaker bones.
Carni ~ Plus is a broad spectrum high-potency multivitamin and trace element mixture for general supplementation of foods. Carni ~ Plus is a blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements to provide a ready palatable source of essential vitamins and calcium. It is suitable for routine use. Carni ~ Plus is suitable for sprinkling onto food for raptors and carnivoren.

If you keep raptors (hawks, eagles, falcons, owls) your birds need Carni~Plus.

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