The replacement of all or part of the feathers in a species of bird is called the moult. Many species of birds have one complete moult per year. Moulting is required to renew a bird's plumage and keep it in top condition


If your birds are having irregular moults or abnormal feather growth there could be missing something in it metabolism.  This will result in them struggling to get back into a good condition.


During the moult period, it is important to keep the birds in a good condition to help them get through this period.  

Not only is it important that the new feathers are of a perfect quality, but also that the colouring and markings are also optimal. 


Avian Moult Stimulant aids your birds to get through the moulting period quicker.


Avian Moutl-Stimulant is enriched with the right amino acids to provide the right components to achieve optimal feather formation during the moulting period. These amino acids are the proper building blocks required by the metabolism , they ensures fast moulting and brings your birds back into a good condition. 
By adding pigment intensifying ingredients as canthaxanthin , -carotene and Tagetes erecta (lutein ) you provide an optimization of the colouring and markings.

Avian Moult- Stimulant supports the good build up for new feathers, it is an excellent addition to the preparation of the show season.  

The moulting period should not take any more than 6 to 8 weeks, but with proper care you will be surprised how quickly the birds will recover.


To ensure that the moult elapses in the right time, a good balanced diet added with Avian Moult - Stimulant is needed daily. Recessive whites in lipochrome as well as blue Gouldian finches do need extra vitamin A supplement added to their diet.


Provide extra vitamin A to the diet during this moulting period, twice a week.


How to use?:
mix 1% (10g p/kg. food) Avian~Moult-Stimulant to your food.
This could be mixed through Egg-, weaning- of universal food or a moistened seed mixture.

Avian~Moult-Stimulant analyses p/kg:
Crude protein 189,06g, Crude Ash 530,26g, Crude Fat 7,64 g,
Crude Fiber 9,06 g, Carbohydrates 11,83 g

Energy: OE plv 1.256,32 kcal/kg / OE plv 5,26 MJ/kg

Amino Acids - Protein values:
Lysin 74,27g, Methionin 29,71g, Methionin+Cystin 30,32g
Threonin 3,25g, Trytophan 1,09g, Isoleucin 0,91g,  
Arginin 2,47g, Valin 1,41g, Taurin 40g,
L-Carnitin 1.150,00 mg

Calcium 100,00g, Phosphor 10,00g, Magnesium 15,00g
Potassium 55,00g, Sodium 20,00g, Chlor 72,40g
S-org. 6,67g, Sulphur 8,81 g

Fatty Acids:
C18:2 Linoleic acid 3,04 g
PUFA 3,30 g

Vitamins, provitamins - nutritional additives:
E672 Vitamin A* 800.000,00 IE
E671 Vitamin D3* 100.000,00 IE
Vitamin E (dl-a-tocoph.-acet.) 20.000,00 mg
Vitamin K3 Menadion 650,00 mg
Vitamin B1 Thiamine 400,00 mg
Vitamin B2 Riboflavine 600,00 mg
Vitamin PP Niacine 5.000,00 mg
Vitamin B5 d-Pantotheenzuur 2.000,00 mg
Vitamin B6 Pyridoxine 600,00 mg
Vitamin B12 Cyanocobalamine 1.000,00 mcg
Vitamin H Biotine 100.000,00 mcg
Vitamin B4 Choline Chloride 15.000,00 mg
Vitamin B9 Foliumzuur 150,00 mg
Vitamin C Ascorbinezuur 2.000,00 mg 

Colourant - sensoriele additives:
-caroteen 60,00 mg 
Canthaxanthine (E161g) 400,00 mg
Lutene/zeaxanthine (E161b/E161h) 10,00 mg
Tagetes erecta 500,00 mg

Trace elements - nutritioneal additives:
E1 Fe sulfur monohydrat* 2.500,00 mg
E2 Potassium jodide* 40,00 mg 0,40 mg
E4 Cu sulfur-pentahydrat* 1.000,00 mg
E5 Mn oxide* 6.500,00 mg
E6 Zn-oxide* 5.000,00 mg
E8 Sodium seleniet* 30,00 mg
Totaal Iron 3.039,72 mg

Avian~Moult-Stimulant, if quality counts.