Avian~BreederMix for optimal breeding performance.

Thanks to its scientifically balanced composition, BreederMix contains all nutritional elements in the right proportions, adapted to the daily needs of your birds. Due to the high demand for a product to bring our breeding birds in optimum condition for improved breeding results Avian Bird Food Products and their nutritionists developed Avian~BreederMix, to ensure that we get our breeding couples in good condition and to reach optimum fertility levels of the adult birds. This will guarantee good growth and excellent health for your young birds. Avian~BreederMix is unique because it effectively promotes yolk resorption
which leads to a significan decrease in mortality rates and optimum growth in
young birds during the first weeks of life. The granular powdery structure of
Avian~BreederMix means the food is very tasty for birds. Avian~BreederMix is
just more than just a protein, vitamin and mineral supplement for tropical birds.

 It contains all the nutrients such as proteins, amino acids, nucleotides, carbohydrates, fats, fatty acids, minerals, trace elements and vitamins in the right proportions, specifically adapted to the needs of our breeding birds. The important minerals and trace elements, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, cobalt and manganese are present in sufficient well balanced quantities in our BreederMix . An easily absorbable calcium compound and a correct
calcium/phosphorus ratio are within the product, this will play an important role in
the prevention of egg binding and optimal growth of the bones in your young birds . Avian~BreederMix does contain Vitamin A and D3 for excellent  bone formation.

In addition, all the important vitamins are available in carefully calculated proportions, such as vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B3, B5, B6 and vitamin PP added extra. An increased choline chloride content protects against fatty liver. Vitamin B12 and l-carnitine stimulate carbohydrate metabolism and thus contribute to an optimal condition of the birds. The added proteins are based on
highly digestible proteins and contains all the essential amino acids as lysin , threonin , methionin and cystein. These sulphur containing amino acids are very important in growth and feathers.
The BreederMix composition ensures optimum health and good fertility . Breeder~Mix contains unsaturated fats and a proper amount of essential fatty acids such as linoleic and linolenic acids from DHA Gold. These fatty acids are precursors of hormones required in reproduction. It also provide optimal skin and feather structure.
The fat composition guarantees an optimal growth of your young birds without excessive fat formation.
Adding DHA Gold is an excellent way to enrich this unique product. DHA-Gold is derived from algae and it offers a number of advantages over other sources of omega- 3 fatty acids , including the following :

  • guaranteed levels of DHA omega - 3 ( DHA 15 % minimum) ,
  • constant quality ,
  • durable (no fish or fish by-products)
  • vegetarian source of DHA (non - fish) ,
  • no ocean-borne contaminants and mixable.

Product analyse p/kg.:

Crude Protein      257,00 g/kg           Vitamin, provitamins     

Crude Fat
62,72 g/kg
Vitamin A E672
296.000,00 IE
Crude Fiber
51,78 g/kg
Vitamin D3 E671
22.000,00 IE
Crude Ash
105,06 g/kg
Vitamin E (dl-a-tocoph.-acetat
1.406,00 mg/kg
90,34 g/kg
Vitamin K3
44,00 mg/kg

Vitamin B1 Thiamine
93,00 mg/kg

Vitamin B2 Riboflavine
183,00 mg/kg
18,80 g/kg
Vitamin PP Niacine
434,00 mg/kg
10,50 g/kg
Vitamin B5 d-Pantotheenzuur
49,00 mg/kg
3,03 g/kg
Vitamin B6 Pyridoxine
94,00 mg/kg
13,43 g/kg
Vitamin B12 Cyanocobalamine
947,00 µg/kg
1,20 g/kg
Vitamin H Biotine
4.665,00 µg/kg
5,21 g/kg
Vitamin B4 Choline Chloride
17.668,00 mg/kg

Vitamin C AscorbinezuurCholine
15.371,00 mg/kg
Fatty acids

Vitamin C Ascorbinezuur
1.424,00 mg/kg
Linolic acid C18:2
29,00 g/kg
Trace elements

EPA C20:5
0,00 g/kg
E1 Fe(II)sulfas monohydrat
141,13 mg/kg
DHA C22:6
0,48 g/kg
E5 Mn(II)oxide
349,00 mg/kg

E4 Cu(II)sulfas-pentahydrat
463,00 mg/kg
Amino acids

E6 Zn sulfas monohydrat
347,00 mg/kg
16,60 g/kg
E2 Potassium jodid
114,00 mg/kg
6,60 g/kg
E8 Sodium seleniet
3,00 mg/kg
10,80 g/kg

11,70 g/kg
Pre- en probiotic

3,21 g/kg
1,80 g/kg

Total aromatische additive
10,00 10,00
2.341,41 kcal/kg
E551 Collodial Silicium
5,00 g/kg

9,80 Mj/kg


How to dosage?:

Start 4 weeks before start breeding season.
During breeding season give once daily 2% (20gram per kg.) through egg-, of weaning food.
Out of season once a week 1% (10gram per kg.)