Multi Vitamins and Minerals

Multi vitamin and mineral supplement contains a balanced amount of important vitamins and minerals needed daily by our birds.
A balanced composition has a positive effect on overall health and vitality and is a valuable addition to the daily diet.
Avian Bird Food supplies the bird keeper with excellent products for different bird groups of different birds.
From insectivore to fructivore en from seedeaters to nectivore.
A multivitamin and mineral complex formula is an excellent base if you want to start with the intake of vitamins and minerals.

A good multivitamin formulation is a preparation that will add the necessary deficiencies to an optimal nutritional status. It contains all the substances in quantities that create an optimal concentration of these nutrients in the body. This not only eliminated any shortages , but also approached optimal health.

Avian Bird Food Products has several multi formulas in the program.