General Terms


1. The General Terms of Delivery and Payment of Aves New Products BV (‘the
Supplier’) apply to all its agreements. Other terms will only have legal effect if
they have been expressly agreed upon in writing.

2. All offers by the Supplier are free of obligation.

3. An agreement is concluded when the Supplier accepts an order in writing. When
an order is cancelled, the Supplier will, in addition to claiming damages, charge
10% of the agreed price (including VAT).

4. Following the conclusion of the agreement, the risk associated with the goods is
borne by the other party. Shortages or damage must be reported within 3 working
days after the goods were delivered or made available, on penalty of expiry of all
claims of the other party.

5. All intellectual property rights to drawings, models, etc, as well as to (trade)marks
or similar image, sound or word designations, etc, are vested in the Supplier. If
these rights are violated, the other party will forfeit a € 10,000 penalty per day.

6. The Supplier only accepts the obligation to pay damages in so far as it is
evidenced by its general terms of delivery. The total liability of the Supplier is
limited to the invoice amount (exclusive of VAT) for the order in question. Any
attributable shortcoming in a delivery is remedied only by carrying out or
completing the order. When exceeding a deadline, the Supplier will only be in
default after it has received written notice of default from the other party.

7. The other party indemnifies the Supplier against all third-party claims.  

8. All goods remain the property of the Supplier until the other party meets its
obligations. The Supplier may repossess goods from the other party or its holders
on its own authority. The other party will co-operate in this on pain of a € 1,000
penalty for each day that it remains in default.

9. All prices are: Delivery ex works, warehouse or other storage location, exclusive
of VAT, import duties, other taxes, levies and duties, costs of packaging, loading
and unloading, transport and insurance and in euro.

10. Payment is effected within 14 days of the invoice date without any discount or setoff,
cash on delivery or by means of transfer to a bank or giro account designated
by the Supplier. If the due date is exceeded, the other party will be in default by
operation of law and owe a 1% monthly interest from the invoice date. All judicial
and extrajudicial collection costs will be charged to the other party.

11. If the other party is declared bankrupt, applies for a moratorium or fails to meet its
obligations, the Supplier will be entitled to dissolve the agreement.

12. Netherlands law applies. The Vienna Sales Convention does not apply. Any
disputes will be adjudicated by the competent District Court of Zwolle
(the Netherlands).

13. Aves New Products BV is registered in the commercial register of the Chamber
of Commerce and Industry for the region of Zwolle, in Zwolle, as number 38018588.
The office address is: Oude Linderteseweg 7, 8102 EV Raalte (The Netherlands)
The postal address is: PO-Box 7, 8100 AA Raalte (The Netherlands)

On request the complete version of the general terms of delivery and payment will be send to you.