CalciTec V40


CalciTec V40 - calcium is an essential element in the diet of birds, especially for producing eggs. Birds need calcium to form eggshells and to feed their nestlings. During the breeding season birds need increased amounts of dietary calcium during egg laying and nestling rearing. Calcium is an essential nutrient for avian reproduction. Calcium-rich foods are consumed by breeding birds for production of eggshells and for provisioning chicks that are mineralizing skeletal tissues.

Passerines acquire calcium shortly before and during laying and do not store calcium for egg formation. Yet recent scientific work has shown that under certain conditions, birds cannot find sufficient sources of natural calcium. Although we know that wild birds find calcium in a variety of places, relatively little is known about the use of calcium by birds. Calcium in the most abundant mineral in the body. Calcium can be very hard to absorb through the intestinal tract. Because of this, many birds are marginally deficient in calcium. Cuttlebone (which comes from a type of squid) and mineral blocks offer a stable form of calcium, calcium carbonate, to pet birds. The major function of calcium is to work in conjunction with magnesium and phosphorus for building and maintaining strong bones, and in the metabolism of vitamin D. Calcium also aids in enzyme function, fat metabolism, egg shell formation, nerve transmission, hormonal secretion, blood clotting, muscle growth and contraction, and it helps maintain a healthy heart and it facilitates the passage of nutrients in and out of the cell walls. The ratio of calcium to phosphorus in the bones is approximately 2.5:1, so it is important to try to maintain this level in your bird’s diet.

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