Avian Bird Food Products is proud to introduce our liquid vitamin line ~AviPro Liquid

goudvink_258Optimised formulations for use in drinking water!

In close collaboration with our nutritionists we offer liquid solutions for problems with nutrient supply in times of stress (vaccination, diseases, heat, feed transition, etc.) for birds and poultry populations.
For this purpose we offer a liquid product range for application via drinking water. Within the lifecycle of our birds and poultry there are phases where it is possible that the demand for nutrients is not covered by feed.

This includes times of insufficient nutrient uptake, occurring especially in young animals as well as in stress situations (climate, housing, transport, change of feed, diseases) or during phases of increased nutrient requirements, for example in periods of fast growth, in case of subclinical diseases, after veterinary treatment or prior to vaccination.

Optimised formulations for birds developed in co-operation with veterinarians for:

  • Easy handling and dosing 1 millilitre per 1,000 millilitres of drinking water
  • Complete dissolving in the drinking water system
  • Stock position in 50ml, 250ml or 1 litre units for prompt delivery

For Birds power fuel - choose AviPro Liquid