Avesmix 25

Avesmix-25 is a complete watersoluble amino acid, vitamines and minerals supplement for seedeating birds. Seeds are deficient in lysine arginine, choline, riboflavine, calcium, phosphorus and iodine. Seeds are also lacking vitamin D3 and B12, while the quantities of vitamin A, caroteen and B-vitamines are highly variable. Avesmix-25 is formulated to correct these nutritional imbalances for seed eating birds where drinking water is regularly consumed. For birds which consume relatively little water, either Aves-Plus or Psittamix should be used instead. This product contains all essential vitamins, minerals and traceelements.

Directions for use:

Always keep fresh drinking water available.

Store in a cool and dark place

Dosering: Dosage:

per 100 ml water:


 Number of spoons:

Prachtvinken (kleinste), Exotic finches



Kanaries / Canaries, Eur. Cultuurvogels /

British, Finches


Grasparkieten / Butchies, Agaporniden,

Grote parkieten / Parakeets e.a.


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