Aves Phelsumafood

Aves Phelsumafood is a complete compositioned food for lizards. Phelsumas or daygeckos are fed Aves Phelsuma food as main foodsource. It is a complete diet and supplies all nutrients including vitamin A, D3 and calcium. Besides this complete diet, phelsumas can also be offered soft fruit and insects like crickets, wax worms and buffalo worms. These insects can be treated with Aves-Insect dustingpowder or Aves Mealwormfood for the best result. Aves Phelsuma food is also eaten by anolis, geckos, skinks and many other species of reptiles.

Directions for use:

Add 3 parts of water to one part of Aves Phelsuma food. Stir with a fork at the same time. Prepare daily a fresh portion of food, or twice daily in case of high temperatures. Offer the food in a bottle cap and do not place it near a heatsource. Bottle caps should be cleaned in hot water with a detergent and clean with water.

Always keep fresh drinking water available.

Store in a cool and dark place

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