Aves Loristart

Loristart is a complete water-soluble feed for young Lories, Lorikeets and Charmosyna species. Loristart has proven results by many European breeders and Zoos and contains high amounts of animal and vegetable proteins. The protein is 100% utilizable. Loristart contains all nutrients that are necessary for young loris. Loristart is unique because there isnít any other rearing food for these bird species.

Feeding advice: Mix 25 grams of Loristart with 100 ml cold water. Add a little water to the powder and stir to a paste. Add remainder of water and stir thoroughly until dissolved. For small-sized species (e.g. Charmosyna) use 20 grams of Loristart. Prepare fresh portions daily. In hot weather two daily feeds are recommended

Always keep fresh drinking water available.

Store in a cool and dark place

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