Aves Lorinectar

Lorinectar A complete diet for all Lories and Lorikeets, including Charmosyna spp. and an additional diet for Fig Parrots and Swift Parrots. A water soluble product. Proven results by many European breeders and Zoos. Easy preparation, excellent taste and readily taken.

Feeding advice: Mix 25 gram (4 measures) of Lorinectar with 100 ml cold water: a) add a little water to the powder and stir to a paste b) add remainder of water and stir thoroughly till dissolved. For small sized species (e.g. Charmosyna) mix 3 measures of Lorinectar. Prepare fresh portions daily. In hot weather two feeds are recommended daily. Fruit, greens and berries ad libitum. (Soaked) seeds in limited quantities. Supply fresh drinking water daily.

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