Aves Loridry

LoriDry is a complete feed for birds. Under certain circumstances it can be advantageous when Loriís, Lorikeets, Hanging Parakeets and Figparrots eat LoriDry food. For example, during the ownerís absence when feeding has to be carried out by people with less experience with birds. Or during periods with high ambient temperatures and the owner is unable to feed his birds twice daily. It is also possible that birds obtained from abroad are accustomed to dry food or fruit and therefore are not eager to eat liquid Lorinectar. Juvenile birds can get accustomed to LoriDry besides our liquid Lorinectar. The nutritional value of LoriDry is equal to Lorinectar, however, it is not soluble in water. LoriDry consists of highly digestible ingredients. Make sure that birds drink enough water. The droppings will give an indication of water consumption. Bathing water can be fouled and should not be used as drinking water. Bathing water should be in cage or aviary for limited periods of time only. Loriís show preferences for certain feeds. In the same family individual preferences exist also. Therefore birds should never be forced to eat only LoriDry.

Feeding advice: Depending on circumstances offer the birds LoriDry, Lorinectar or both. Birds can get used to LoriDry food at an early age. LoriDry should stay dry and not be spoiled by drinking or bathing water.

Always keep fresh drinking water available.

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