Aves Handfeeding diet

Directions for use:

Preparation: Use 6 gram (1 measure) of Aves-Handrearing Food and 6 ml water ( 350 C). Add warm water to the powder and stir till solution. Nestlings can be fed with a syringe and crop needle (cleaned and sterilized). Birds should be fed in the bill and not in the crop, drop by drop. At the time of feeding, the crop should be nearly empty. Avoid over-feeding and check that droppings are produced A clean nest and the right nest temperature are essential. Weigh the birds daily, at the same time before the first feeding. Note the body weights. When the birds mature, use a teaspoon with bent sides. Add a small quantity of dehusked crushed (in mixer and blow-away the husks) soaked seeds to the diet and increase this quantity during growth. Prepare fresh portions of feed at all times. At weaning, birds can refuse to be handfed. Check from that moment on, that the birds are eating on their own (before roosting handfeeding can be tried) and that they are not losing body weight.

Store in a cool and dark place

Aves Hand rearing Diet is a complete diet for all baby and juvenile seed-, fruit- and insect eating birds. Also suitable for tube feeding sick birds. A water soluble product, to be fed with a syringe or spoon.

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