Aves Fruitmix

Aves Fruitmix is a premix to make a complete feed for fruit-eating birds such as Touracos, Mousebirds, Trogons, Mynahs Hornbills, Barbets, Toucans, Broadbills, Cotingas, Pipras, Bulbuls, Leafbirds, Waxwings, Flowerpeckers, White-eyes, Tanagers, Birds of Paradise, Troupials, Fruitdoves and Eclectus Parrots. Death through iron intoxication is a real threat and one of the main causes of death of many fruit-eating birds species. Many soft food and pellet diets have too high quantities of iron. Aves Fruitmix has a very low iron content of 40 mg/kg (40 ppm).

Directions for use: Take a large selection of different fruits for the preparation of fruit feed: choose 1 part figs, juniper berries, rose-hips, rowan berries and 4 parts apple, pear, orange, carrot, banana, raisins, dates. Wash, peel and cut the fruit and berries. Mix the fruit and weigh it. Spread the fruit over a large surface and sprinkle (using a coarse sieve) one part of Fruitmix over 10 parts of the fruitmixture and mix thoroughly. If the mixture is too moist, add some dried bread. Offer the birds, depending on their size, also Aves Universal A or B, crumbled cuttlefish bone, oyster shell grit, insoluble grit, a limited quantity of seeds, drinking- and bathing water. Store in a cool and dark place

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